Common Accessories for Forklifts

Drum Handlers

Drum handlers allow forklifts to hold liquid-filled drums to safely transport and sometimes pour the liquid from the canister. Forklift operators will lift the drums via the drum handler, and if the drum handler is chained to the drum faucet on the vehicle, then the forklift operator can use the drum handler and chain as a pulley system.

Carpet Poles

Carpet poles are used to hold rolled up or tubular items such as carpet or tubes. Carpet poles are long and strong poles that mount on to the carriage of the forklift. Forklift operators will insert the pole through the hollow center of the rolled up item, such as a carpet, and can easily transport the item to where it belongs.

Man Basket

A man basket is a platform that attaches to the forklift, which allows the forklift to lift a person off the ground to a higher level in order to do some handy work, such as repair and maintenance. The forks on the forklift will insert into the slots on the bottom of the basket or platform, creating an elevator for the person to step on.Most man baskets have guard rails and a swing door to prevent theperson from falling out of the basket or platform. Man baskets are considered safer than ladders and scaffolding.

Forklift Parts in Major Cities

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