Forklift Attachments

Here are some common types of attachments for forklifts and some tips on using each one.


A boom is an extension that increases the reach and height of your forklift truck. Booms vary in design, such as those that reach over,those that are fixed and those that can pivot. A carriage mount attachment is also available for the boom in case the operator wants to lift a co-worker.

Battery Lifting Beams

An arm and chain attachment on the lifting beam used for safely changing the battery of a vehicle.

Crane Hook

A heavy duty steel hook that can swivel and hold up to 6,000 lbs. The crane hook attaches tightly to the bottom of the fork.

Warehouse Brooms

Warehouse brooms either come in heavy duty or low-maintenance used for massive sweeping jobs on the warehouse floor. Warehouse brooms attach to the forks and sweep debris. Heavy duty brooms can pick up sand, gravel, water, and can even push snow. Features 1 - 1/2 "H replaceable bristles, a 10 ga. steel frame and a magnetic bar to pick-up nails and other metallic debris. Low maintenance brooms are also used for massive sweeping, but do not pick up heavy objects such as gravel and nails. Features 8" H replaceable bristles, and a light weight aluminum frame.

Heavy-Duty Steel Fork Extensions

Fork extensions are easy to install. They just slide into your forklift's forks and securely snap in for stability. Using fork extensions is an easy and economical way to handle larger and longer loads.

Double-Scissor Action Pallet Puller

Action pallet pullers are commonly used to unload heavy items fromthe ground level. They attach to your forklift and to the item to pullit across the floor. The double-scissor design on the action palletpuller ensures that the pull has a tight grip. Also features 2-3/4"self-cleaning heads, stringers up to 3" thick, and 17" of 1/4 " proof coilchain.

Unbeatable Forklift Attachments

Forklift attachments can range from small items, such as a crane hook, to large and heavy items, such as a boom. They also range in functionality too, from towing items to sweeping the warehouse floor. Investing in a useful attachment can make your business more efficient.

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