Forklift Tires

Replacing a forklift tire is not as inelastic as replacing the transmission or alternator, because you have a choice in which tire you want to use on the floor. There are many different kinds of industrial forklift tires, each with a different purpose. Here are a few to mention:

  • Universal - made from first grade rubber that is resistant to cuts and chunking. It is designed with a long tread wear and balanced stability. The universal tire is most suited for all around usage.
  • Non-Marking - for warehouse owners who don't like tire markings on their floor, non-marking tires are designed to keep the floor clean even during usage. Non-marking tires are made from natural rubber with Hi-Sil (no clay) ingredients, which reduces markings. An additional benefit is that non-marking tires also extend battery life due to it slow rolling resistance.
  • Polyurethane - built to never deflate, polyurethane tires are sometimes filled with foam and designed to resist chunking, cutting,abrasion or erosion due to chemical spills. Most usually carry heavier loads on shorter distances with these tires.
  • Static Conducting - for those working in highly volatile and dangerous areas where fires can be caused by electric sparks, static conducting tires resists static shocks and provides protection from explosions.
  • Electric - tire stays cool even while carrying heavier loads. The cooler the tire, the longer it can run, saving more power and extending the life of the battery.
  • Fiber Glass - tire reduces heat when carrying heavier loads, which saves more power in the battery. The fiber glass also prevents chipping and chunking.
  • Oil Resistant - traction on the tire prevents slippage on slick and oily surfaces. Traction helps in reducing power usage, thus extending the life of the battery. The thickness of the tire also prevents erosion due to petroleum derivatives.
  • Walnut Shell/Granite Chip - superior gripping tires, which traction adheres to wet, frozen or slippery floors. Walnut shell/Granite Chip tires can reduce the danger of accidents when operating on wet floors.

Forklift Tires

Forklift tires are the most customizable feature on a forklift. There are many different kinds of tires that you can use, and each one has their own specialty from foam-filled polyurethane tires to oil resistant tires.

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